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The Faces Project

Hello! My name is Gretchen. I was diagnosed with chronic migraines, chronic pain, and Parkinsonism. This is how the "I AM" The Face of Project started. With one face and one diagnosis. Every day someone is diagnosed with an invisible disease/illness/condition. Every day someone is diagnosed with a visible disease/illness/condition. For all of us who suffer, it is often hard for others to separate the face from the disease, the illness, the condition. We have a face. We have a story. It is the beauty of our faces that we want others to focus on. And it it is our story that we want to share. Not our disease, our illness, or our condition. To learn more about the project, check out our YouTube channel by clicking here.

The Faces and Voices Project

Our children are often mirror images of who we are. What we do and say guides them to become the adults we "think" they should be. But is this what they want or how they see things? Often times that answer is no. The The Faces and Voices Project gives younger women (and boys on certain projects) the opportunity to share the faces of the future and tell their stories. Are you ready to see and hear them? To learn more about these project, check out the trailer on YouTube by clicking here. (trailer will be available 4/8).

The Faces and Voices of Women Project

Woman, more than any other group, have experienced many limitations and adversities. Many have found a way to grow strong because of it, while others are still looking for the light, a helping hand, or a voice in the dark. The Faces and Voices of Women Project are the stories and faces from these projects. I started this project with the purpose of inspiring, motivating, and encouraging other women who are in similar situations. To see the stories in the beauty project click here.

Face Of The Month

Each month I will feature a new face and their story. If you would like to be considered as a Face Of The Month, send me a black and white photo of you face with your story to: iamthefaceofproject@gmail.com, and I will get back to you.

March/April Face Of The Month is a face from my recently published book. This is Teresa. To learn about this beautiful face, click here.


It is my goal to go where I can and when I can to spread the word about the "I AM" Projects. We are all beautiful. We all have a story. If I am in your city or town, please stop by and say hello! It would be an honor to meet you and get a photo of your beautiful face and hear your story! Want to know where I am, click here!

For The Soul

This is the blog. It is place to get some inspiration, motivation, and empowerment!


The shop is officially open! All proceeds will be used for future projects! To see what's new, click here


I am always meeting beautiful people and hearing amazing stories. I would love to share yours. If you are interested, please send me an email - iamthefaceofproject@gmail.com. I will be in touch!!!

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