We have often been told that the younger generation is our future. If that is true, are we ready to listen to what they have to say?


The Faces and Voices Project

Our children are often mirror images of who we are. What we do and say guides them to become the adults we "think" they should be. But is this what they want or how they see things? Often times that answer is no. The "I AM" The Faces and Voices Project gives younger women (and boys on certain projects) the opportunity to share the faces of the future and tell their stories. Are you ready to see and hear them?

I am currently working on projects that will share the faces and stores of younger women in middle-school and high school. There are some projects that will bring in younger men in the same age group. Those projects will noted with a star. Scroll down to see current and future projects. To be considered for any of these project, contact me at

"I AM" The Face Of The Future

Our children are the future. We have told them this since they were able to understand what those words really meant. But is the future we what for them the future they want for themselves? 

In this project I will ask that question and share the amazing stories and bright, beautiful faces. 

If you are interested in being a part of this project, contact me at


"I AM" The Face Of Diversity

More details to come as the project becomes live!

"I AM" The Face Of Youth and Beauty

The “I AM” The Face of Youth and Beauty is a project that will tell the stories and share the faces of beautiful young girls. This project will not share society’s ideal of beauty and youth, but the young girl's version of her own beauty. In this project, young girls will find ONE WORD that best describes them as the beautiful person she is. That ONE WORD will lead to a story she will share with other young girls telling them why she picked that word to describe her youth and beauty. Every young girl and is beautiful. Be a part of a project that shares your beautiful face and inspiring story so we can motivate and empower other young girls to do the same. It is time society knows what true beauty is!

If you are interested in being a part of this project, contact me at

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