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The Importance of Self-Care

Self-care is vital to our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Taking time for ourselves is the one thing most of us do not do. We are busy taking care of others - children, husbands, parents - and often neglecting the importance of self care. If we continue to neglect ourselves, It is often at this point that we realize the toll it can have on our lives. We should not put self-care on the back burner, and here's why:

It is important to your self-worth - Your self-worth is very important in maintaining a positive and healthy relationship with yourself. This relationship can boost your confidence and self-esteem which we all know is extremely important to helping you set boundaries and being a self-advocate. Knowing your self-worth is another way to remind yourself and the important people in your life, that you and your needs are important, too.

"Self-care is how you take your power back". - Lalah Delia

It helps you deal with stress - Positive stress in our lives helps us to be motivated when necessary, but constant negative stress can often lead to a drain on our physical and mental health. When you start to feel overwhelmed with stress, step back and take a deep breath in and release it out slowly. Other ways to help release stress can include: meditation, journaling, dancing, yoga, and having a core group of friends you can talk to. These few stress relievers can help to release the toxicity of stress and improve your physical and mental health.

It helps you to live a good life - Your life is a gift. You were given this life to live it fully. This is why practicing self-care is vital. We all have other things that need to be done, but if we do not include the care of ourselves among the many things we need to get done, we suffer. Take time to relax. For me this means listening to rain sounds while I sleep and even during the day. I love to work in my garden and have expanded it to start growing food that my family can enjoy. Being able to eat what I've started from seed to edible product is such an amazing feeling. For you it could be taking a long bath, having a massage, getting a facial, or just sitting down and drinking a cup of tea. Whatever it is, make sure to do it often. We only get one life. Live it joyfully.

"Give yourself the same care and attention that you give to others and watch yourself bloom". - The Sprouting Sunflower

It helps your physical health - We often think that the importance of self-care only involves our mental health. It does, but being physically healthy is also a vital part of self-care. I have been vegan for quite some time. In the beginning it was a struggle and I would slip and eat items that were not vegan (dairy...especially cheese). Afterwards I felt awful. Not because I ate food that wasn't vegan but because I was bloated, uncomfortable, and well...had some bowel issues. Now that I am fully focused on eating a vegan diet I feel more alive and healthy. Eating healthy is a big way you can take care of yourself. Your body and mind will thank you for it. Physical health also include getting enough sleep, exercising, and even practicing good hygiene. When your body smells good and feels good to the touch you feel better about you!

It helps your mental health - When you take time to take care of yourself you are more aware of the moments when things are starting to overload you. During these moments you can be prepared for how you will handle these tough situations. Being in a state of positive mental health gives you power to deal with things you would normally have trouble dealing with. And everyone loves to have power! Also, when your mental health is at its prime you deal less with guilt, depression, anxiety, and other issues like headaches, sleep deprivation, bad eating habits, etc.

"I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self-indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival". - Audre Lorde

I hope after reading this you understand the importance of self-care. There is never the "perfect" time to start self-care. Start today and start seeing the difference it will have in your life!

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